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2022 REALTORS Care® Week

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

November 14-18, 2022

Guelph, Ontario - GDAR's 4th annual REALTORS Care® Week took place ahead of National Housing Day on November 22. Throughout the week, REALTORS® come together to support housing and shelter-related charities and help make a positive impact in communities across Canada.

The initiative was a great success, generating much-needed funding, awareness, manpower, and supplies for several local organizations. Throughout the week, GDAR challenged members to volunteer for local shelter-related charities and help spread awareness of housing issues by wearing our signature REALTORS Care® Red Hoodies and T-shirts. REALTORS® found meaningful ways to contribute to organizations that serve some of the most vulnerable members of our community.

A total of $10,000 in donations were presented to the following charities of choice for 2022 by the association itself. GDAR asked each of the five selected shelter-based charities what their greatest areas of need are and each organization was featured on our social media channels, helping create awareness for the charity and giving members opportunities to get involved.

  • Breakfast take away program 9-12 Monday - Thursday

  • Food and clothing market volunteers

  • Journals & pens

  • Clothing

  • Gift cards

  • Pillows, storage containers, crock pots

  • Bottles, formula, Diapers

  • Baby transport items (car seat, strollers etc)

  • Hygiene products

  • Donate Canadian Tire money

Wyndham House Youth Shelter

  • Backpacks

  • Cook a meal for the youth home

  • Blanket our youth - bedding drive

GDAR put out a call out to members to drop off bedding at the GDAR office during REALTORS Care® Week. Wyndham House has two youth shelters in the local area with eight beds each, and another home with 16 additional shelter beds. Thank you to all the Members who participated in the drive and helped fill an entire SUV with new bedding for the shelter.

With the money GDAR raised through the sale of REALTORS Care® hoodies and tees, GDAR will be sponsoring one of the eight rooms being built at the new Wyndham House Bellevue Project. This $4,000 sponsorship will help the shelter as well as outfit the room with a lamp, night table, double bed, personal items, and bathroom accessories.

Stay tuned as we attend the Grand Opening in the spring and send a team to set up the room before the first arrivals move in!



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