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Commercial Sector

A multitude of commercial, industrial and service organizations as well as a number of government and educational facilities make up the city’s economic community .From world leaders in advanced manufacturing to innovative agri-food start-ups, Guelph is host to a variety of successful enterprises.


The City of Guelph is strategically located in the heart of southern Ontario, only 100 kilometers (60 miles) from the City of Toronto. Guelph features a diversified industrial base including agri-food, life science, IT, environmental enterprise, automotive, and advanced high-technology industries. The University of Guelph is world renowned for its research and development facilities including its unique Research Park, a cluster of government and industry focusing on agri-food research.


Additionally, a strong service industry sector combines to make Guelph an ideal launch pad to supply goods and services to millions of consumers and businesses in both the Canadian and American markets.


Guelph offers many advantages to both new and expanding businesses. The list includes zoned and serviced lands in both the public and private sectors and a supply of existing industrial space.


Guelph brings together all the advantages of location, resources and quality of life by providing a highly desirable location for business and a great place to enjoy life.

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