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REALTORS® Care Week Raises $5000 and Awareness for Local Shelters

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Through the National REALTORS® Care Week initiative held every year in November, the Canadian Real Estate Association challenges associations across Canada to help end and bring attention to homelessness in their communities. For the last two years, REALTORS® have been encouraged to be creative and find ways to help that do not involve “in-person” events.

Flooding the streets in bright red REALTORS® Care hoodies, GDAR Members made an splash and drew the attention of Associations across Canada. All proceeds from the sale of the hoodies were directed to Wyndham House Youth Shelter. Wyndham House provides support to homeless youth in Guelph, Wellington and Dufferin counties.

For the 2021 campaign REALTORS® Care Week, we did it again. GDAR members took over social media in our red REALTORS® Care hoodies and t-shirts, volunteered at Hope House for their take-away breakfast program, donated blood and raised money for Wyndham House Youth Shelter. Watch out for next year’s campaign as we take over social media again and get creative and involved in our community!

The past 20 months have been especially hard for our local shelter-related charities. Most of them have been unable to have volunteers in their buildings, have had to assist virtually and have been unable to hold their regular fundraising events. OREA recognized an additional need in all communities across our province to help the most vulnerable populations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With a special grant from OREA that GDAR applied for, the Association was able to reach out to 5 local shelter-related organizations and ask how they had been impacted by the pandemic. With our support and additional donations, Hope House, Centre-Wellington Food Bank, East-Wellington Community Services, Wyndham House and the Drop-in Centre were able to shift focus to helping our most vulnerable through this difficult time bringing the combined total donated to over $5100.00.



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